Why is Being Vegan so Popular?

Why is being vegan so popular?


If you haven’t been living under a rock, I am pretty sure you noticed how much traction vegan topics are getting in our everyday lives. There are more and more vegan food brands available.

Established fashion and beauty companies are producing products that are vegan friendly. Even car manufacturers joined the vegan trend. You are probably asking yourself why is being vegan so popular lately?

Being vegan is so popular because it is more environment and animal friendly, and healthier for the body. Those are the three main reasons for going vegan. Some people do it for the animals, others for the environment, while third do it for their health.

Reasons For Going Vegan Explained

Environmental Reason

A quick look at the food production will tell you that vegan diets use less acreage to produce food, and meat-based diets consume more resources overall, including land, water, and energy.Furthermore, UK research found that the processing of animal-based foods generates twice as many greenhouse gas emissions as the processing of plant-based foods as far as the environmental aspect goes.

Health Reason

From the health point of view, vegan diets, if properly planned, offer all the nutrients the body requires and adhere to healthy eating principles. Getting your nutrition from plant sources frees up more room in your diet for foods that are good for you, such as whole grains, fruit, nuts, seeds, and vegetables, which are bursting with fiber, vitamins, and minerals.

Animal-Friendly Reason

What about the animal-friendly aspect? Farm animals live in very bad conditions and are exploited for their meat, milk, eggs, fur etc. Others are used as guinea pigs in the beauty industry. People who see the problem in this, tend to go vegan for the animals. Why would only human lives matter? Animal lives matter as well.

While many people think that all sentient beings have a right to life and freedom, having emotional attachments to animals may constitute a portion of that justification. Regardless of the specifics, abstaining from animal products is one of the most straightforward methods to oppose animal abuse and exploitation worldwide.

Is Veganism a Growing Trend?

Looking at the trends during the pandemic, you can notice when individuals were eating out less regularly and choosing to order meals instead, the popularity of plant-based diets was growing. People are increasingly trying to consume less meat, which is causing the vegan food industry to grow more than other food industries.

Yes, veganism is a growing trend that it is becoming increasingly more popular throughout the world, and this trend may continue. The demand for vegan cuisine has increased significantly over the last several years, and it is anticipated to do so in the future as well.

Where Are the Most Vegans in the World?

Despite a decline in vegan popularity ratings, the UK continues to lead the rankings for veganism popularity. A YouGov survey that was used by the Guardian as evidence shows that 36% of Brits support a vegan diet, and many of them have indicated an interest in being vegan.

The world’s new vegan capital is Brighton, a beach city around 60 miles south of London.

It’s the first time that a city other than Bristol, UK, or Portland, Oregon, has topped the list. Due to its exceptionally high concentration of vegan-friendly eateries per capita, Brighton has often been named the greatest vegan city in the UK.

Who Was the First Famous Vegan?

The first famous vegan was Al-Maarri. Al-Maarri, an Arab poet and philosopher, was an intriguing figure who espoused moral values that included compassion for all living things, including animals and the environment.

He came from a location that is now part of Syria, was blind, and lived in relative solitude. His views are still divisive today. Ascetic by nature, he abhorred all forms of violence, even murder. In his literature, he condemns milk consumption and the eating of animal meat.

How Many Celebrities Are Vegan?

There is no specific number, but celebrities are increasingly exploring plant-based diets and switching to entirely vegan diets, so plant-based eating is undoubtedly having a moment right now. We can find vegans among famous actors, pop artists, athletes etc.

What Famous Athletes Are Vegan?

Many athletes are switching to vegan diets. Their reasons are different but most of them do it to level up their performance. Let’s check out some famous vegan athletes.

  • Lewis Hamilton: Some vegans would not be surprised by this news because the racing champion owns a series of vegan fast-food eateries called Neat Burger. His vegan diet, he claims, is what made him successful in sports and improved his energy levels.
  • Dotsie Bausch: Dotsie Bausch, an American with an Olympic silver medal, is a successful plant-based race cyclist and a fervent animal lover. She also won eight US national championships, two Pan American gold medals, and a world record during the course of her career.
  • Alex Morgan: Alex Morgan, who won the FIFA Women’s World Cup and an Olympic gold medal, is now a fervent supporter of a vegan diet for optimum athletic performance. In addition, Morgan and fellow player Kyrie Irving were voted PETA’s most attractive vegan celebrities of 2019.
  • Novak Djokovic: Tennis star Novak Djokovic, who has won Wimbledon many times and is at the moment of writing this article, ranked first in the world, consumes only plant-based foods to maintain his physical fitness. Djokovic is still at the top of his game at the age of 34, when he should be close to retiring from competitive sports. His vegan diet, in my opinion, is what keeps him healthy.

What Famous Actors Are Vegan?

There are incredibly lots of vegan famous actors. Some of them include:

  • Woody Harrelson: The Oscar-nominated actor has been a vegan for more than 30 years and is devoted to protecting the environment, promoting animal rights, and promoting healthy eating. He requested the Pope to observe veganism for Lent after being engaged with A Million Dollar Vegan, a movement that seeks to engage some of the most powerful figures in the world with problems related to the climate catastrophe, world hunger, and animal rights.
  • Alicia Silverstone: However, Silverstone’s dedication to a vegan lifestyle is just as well-known. She may be best known for playing the legendary Cher in the 1990 movie Clueless. The actress is a fervent supporter of animal rights and the environment and has been a vegan since she was 21.
  • Brad Pitt: He is one of the most attractive men in the world and has a strong opinion on food. He detests red meat and cannot tolerate anybody eating it in his presence, which has caused some friction with his ex-wife Angelina Jolie.
  • Christian Bale: As his father was an animal rights activist, the actor who played Batman has been a vegan since he was seven. Since he was a little boy, he has advocated for vegetarianism and taken part in protests against cruelty to animals.

Other Well-Known Vegans

Other well-known vegans, in addition to the ones already listed, include:

Famous Vegan Musicians

  • Lizzo: Lizzo has declared herself a vegan and given up all animal products starting in 2020. On TikTok, the Grammy winner frequently shares glimpses into her vegan lifestyle. She has shared recipes for anything from jackfruit enchiladas and a whole holiday spread to vegan ice cream bread and hangover cures.
  • Moby: One of the most prominent vegans in the music business, Moby switched to a vegan diet in 1987. The reason for this change was Tucker, a cat he had as a young boy and had saved from the landfill when he was only 10 years old. He frequently utilizes his position to raise awareness of environmental and animal rights concerns.
  • Stevie Wonder: In an effort to improve his health and safeguard the environment, Stevie Wonder made the switch to a vegan lifestyle a few years ago.

Famous Vegan Scientists

  • Pythagoras: He was the founder of vegetarianism, which gave rise to veganism. His diet was founded on the idea that other animal species should not be subjected to any form of cruelty.
  • Steve Jobs: The Apple creator maintained an extremely rigorous diet and defended his early vegetarianism. Jobs had a strong preference for carrots and was hooked on foods with dark green hues like asparagus and broccoli. He started eating fruits exclusively in 1977. The businessman was a militant of this cause, in addition to his fixation with eating.
  • Nikola Tesla: The AC electrical system utilized to power contemporary civilization was developed with Nikola Tesla’s assistance. He ate only specially prepared vegetarian meals.

Famous Vegan Dancers

  • Yosvani Ramos: After viewing the 2019 documentary The Game Changers about professional athletes who are vegan, Ramos decided to go vegan. He conducted further research and ultimately made the decision to become a vegan himself after becoming intrigued by the prospect of reducing inflammation and injury and extending the duration of his dancing.
  • Robbie Fairchild: Fairchild converted to veganism in 2019 while filming Cats after learning about the vegan lifestyle from a cast member’s buddy. Fairchild quickly changed his diet after becoming more concerned about how animals were treated and the sustainability of his food sources.
  • Derick K. Grant: After experiencing a period of panic attacks and other health difficulties that specialists were unable to explain, Grant turned vegan in 2017. Daily functions, including mucous, breathing, movement, and joint healing, altered quickly once he stopped eating dairy permanently.

Famous Vegan Boxers

  • Bryant Jennings: A heavyweight championship contender named Bryant Jennings made his vegan diet public in the Netflix documentary Game Changers. After making the decision to completely commit, Jennings has never looked back, totally embracing the vegan lifestyle for both his profession and daily life.
  • Timothy Bradley: Bradley held the title of world champion in two weight classes during his career and was well known for his dedication to training and immaculate physical condition before fight night. Timothy wanted to improve his performance and get to the top. Bradley made the decision to go vegan in 2008.
  • David Haye: David Haye, who is currently retired and a former heavyweight and cruiser weight world champion, has been one of the most outspoken supporters of a vegan diet and way of life, particularly when he first returned to boxing after his original retirement.
  • Anthony Joshua: As the current heavyweight world champion, Joshua is one of boxing’s brightest names. It’s intriguing to hear how he has included a vegan diet into his pre-fight routine given that he has perhaps one of the greatest physiques in sports.

Famous Historical Vegans

  • Pythagoras: He was the founder of vegetarianism, which gave rise to veganism. His diet was founded on the idea that other animal species should not be subjected to any form of cruelty.
  • Al-Maarri: Al-Maarri, an Arab poet and philosopher, was an intriguing figure who espoused moral values that included compassion for all living things, including animals and the environment. He came from a location that is now part of Syria, was blind, and lived in relative solitude. His views are still divisive today. Ascetic by nature, he abhorred all forms of violence, even murder. In his literature, he condemns milk consumption and the eating of animal meat.

What Happens if Everyone is Vegan?

If everyone turned vegan, there would be plenty of food crops to feed the world’s expanding population, and we could recover grazing areas for crop cultivation and crop development. The populace would be fed, and there would be an abundance of food for feeding animals.

Fish would continue to live in their original habitats, free from overfishing and vessel pollution, allowing for the restoration of natural fish population levels. Eight million fewer people would perish annually if we all stopped eating meat due to decreased rates of cancer, heart disease, and other diseases.

According to a recent analysis on food and climate in the journal Proceedings of the Academy of Sciences, if everyone turned vegan, the world’s emissions connected to food would decrease by 70% by 2050.


There are several reasons why being vegan is so popular. People are adopting a vegan diet for various reasons. Some people want to live a longer, healthier life. Others are concerned about stopping needless animal abuse or wasting natural resources on animal food production. Or they could be inspired by each of the aforementioned factors.

Humans often tend to behave like a herd and follow where the majority goes. It is no different with veganism. As more people go vegan, even more follow their footsteps.

Many people don’t approve of this kind of diet, but one thing is certain though: veganism is here to stay and is promising long-term advantages for those who adopt it.

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