Avocado dip

Avocado dip

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A creamy and delicious avocado dip that is perfect for using as a sauce or bread dip. This recipe is easy to make and can be tweaked to your liking. Try adding different spices, herbs, or flavors to give it your own touch.

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  • 3 whole 3 ripe avocados

  • 1 whole 1 onion

  • 1 small 1 hot pepper (or mild)

  • 1 clove 1 garlic

  • 1 tsp 1 coriander

  • 1/2 small 1/2 lime

  • 1 whole 1 tomato

  • 1 pinch 1 salt (to taste)


  • Cut the avocados in half and mash them with a fork.
  • Finely chop the onion, hot pepper and tomatoes and add to the avocados, along with the coriander.
  • Add the squeezed lime juice and mix together with a fork.

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FAQ about vegan avocado dip

How to make a good avocado dip?

To make a good avocado dip, you need a ripe avocado and some spices you like. The most common spices used in making avocado dip are salt, pepper, lemon or lime and garlic. For a gourmet treat, sprinkle some black salt on a piece of bread with avocado spread on it to give it an egg-like flavor.

To check whether an avocado is ripe enough, pull off the stem. If the inside is green, the avocado is under ripe. Wait for it to ripen. If the inside is dark brown, the avocado is overripe or even rotten. Oh no, you missed the right moment! If the inside is yellowish, the avocado is just ripe. Make yourself something tasty right away or it might be too late.

What is the difference between guacamole and avocado dip?

Avocado dip is avocado that has been mashed and seasoned, while guacamole contains avocado as a base combining other ingredients. In addition to avocado, guacamole contains lime juice, onions, tomatoes, coriander and salt and has a stronger flavor. While avocado dip is more neutral and bland.

Guacamole, or avocado salsa, is a very quick and easy sauce to make and serve alongside tortilla chips. It also works well as a spread or side dish. It’s also great in tortillas, bringing freshness to them.

How much avocado is healthy to eat in a day?

On a 2000-calorie-a-day diet, daily fat intake should be limited to 65 grams. One medium-sized, 140-gram avocado contains 23 grams of fat – almost a third of the recommended daily fat intake – and about 250 calories. A portion of avocado is by no means a whole avocado, but only one fifth, which is 28 grams, or 2 to 3 slices.

It is very easy to cut an avocado in half and eat both halves at once. And while an apple or a banana counts as one portion of fruit, an avocado is by no means part of this simple rule. Despite being high in monounsaturated fats, which are winning the fight against belly fat and heart disease, fat is still fat, even the “good” kind.

Avocados are a treasure trove of healthy fats, but they are also rich in vitamins B6, C, E, K, fiber, pantonic acid, niacin, riboflavin, carotenoids, magnesium, potassium, copper, manganese, iron, phosphorus and zinc, and contain two key antioxidants.

Is avocado a vegan food?

Avocado is considered a top food choice and is popular for its nutritional value and is by itself also vegan. However, the way this fruit is produced is far from the values represented by veganism as a movement.

It is high in calories and contains monounsaturated butyric acid, which lowers the amount of cholesterol. It abounds in essential nutritional forms, including potassium and vitamin C.

Well, there is a dark side to this popular fruit. In Chile, one of the world’s largest suppliers, the avocado harvest has dramatic consequences and is linked to water pollution, violation of people’s rights and environmental damage.

What goes good with avocado dip?

Avocado, since it is used raw, is most often consumed as a side dish, usually mashed. The avocado dip can also be spread on toasted bread, or offered with raw vegetables (carrots, cucumbers, peppers, celery). It works great as a dip for tortilla chips or mixed with cooked pasta.

Avocado dip is primarily used to dip nachos or tortilla chips into it, but there are many other ways to enjoy its inspiring flavor. It is put on sandwiches and pizzas, as well as on shawarmas and hamburgers.

If you like to eat sandwiches for breakfast, spread avocado dip on bread instead of butter and top with tofu and vegan cheese. Guacamole’s creamy texture and delicious aroma make it the perfect salad dressing.

Thin with a little olive oil, water or lime juice, or a mixture of both, until you get the desired taste and texture. It can be put instead of sour cream on baked potatoes, pasta salad, rice, grilled vegetables, beans or risotto.

Why does my avocado dip turn brown?

Avocado oxidizes quickly, which means that the dip will also start to turn brown very quickly. This is precisely why lime (or lemon) juice is added to this sauce – to prevent browning. It is recommended to use the whole avocado and make guacamole in the amount that can be eaten immediately.

To avoid browning, cover avocado dip with plastic wrap and refrigerate it – Place plastic wrap over the surface of the avocado dip and cover the bowl to keep air out. Oxygen from the air causes oxidation, which will cause the dip to turn brown. Refrigerate until ready to serve.

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