Persimmon heaven

Persimmon heaven

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Do you know that feeling when guests are arriving in few minutes but you don’t have anything sweet to treat them with? Or maybe you just need something heavenly sweet to treat yourself? Well, look no further. We made a super fast dessert called persimmon heaven. Yes, it’s heavenly good!

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  • 1 whole 1 ripe persimmon

  • 3 tbsp 3 creamy plant based yogurt

  • 1/2 tsp 1/2 Bourbon vanilla

  • 1 tbsp 1 maple syrup or date water

  • 3 whole 3 almonds

  • few dashes few chopped hazelnuts


  • In food processor mix peeled persimmon and vanilla.
  • In a small bowl combine yogurt and maple syrup.
  • On the bottom of the serving glass put a layer of yogurt, then layer of the persimmon pulp and again layer of yogurt and so on.
  • Last layer should be yogurt.
  • Decorate dessert with almonds in the middle and grounded hazelnuts on the edge.
  • Dessert can be served right away.

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FAQ about vegan persimmon heaven dessert

What are the benefits of persimmon fruit?

Persimmon is an orange-colored fruit known for its sweet honey-like flavor; it originally came from China but is now found in many parts of the world.

Apart from having a delicious taste, persimmons have several health benefits, including improved eye health, improved digestion, reduced signs of aging, lowered blood pressure levels, and other skin benefits. In addition to this, they also help reduce inflammation and promote blood circulation throughout the body.

Benefits of persimmon fruit during pregnancy?

Eating persimmons during pregnancy is completely safe, and their nutritional contents can give you several health benefits.

Persimmon fruit is rich in several nutrients like proteins, carbs, vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, potassium, manganese, and vitamin B6. Being rich in fiber helps lower the cholesterol levels of the body. Persimmon also helps in bowel movement and reduces blood sugar levels as well.

Hence it is highly recommended for pregnant women to include Persimmons in their diet.

Can unripe persimmon make you sick?

Eating an unripe persimmon can make you feel sick; here’s how. Unripe persimmon contains a very high tannin content which can cause sickness, vomiting, and even liver damage.

Moreover, biting onto an unripe persimmon will be a very unpleasant experience as it tastes bitter, and the high amount of tannin present in it will make your mouth pucker and dry.

What’s the difference between American and Japanese persimmon?

Asian persimmons are large and are sweet and bland in taste, similar to a delicious red apple. On the other hand, American persimmons are aromatic, distinctive, and have an intriguing rum/butterscotch flavor.

American persimmons are considered a wilder fruit than Asian persimmons and hence have more nutrients/antioxidants than the Asian ones.

So, if you like sweet and bland-tasting fruit, you must go with Asian Persimmons, and if you like something that is distinctive and has a delicious aroma, then you can choose the American Persimmons.

What can you do with a persimmon fruit?

Fresh persimmon fruit

It is, of course, most desirable to eat persimmon fresh. Some varieties can be eaten like an apple, while softer varieties can be eaten with a spoon. It can also be mashed and served with yoghurt as a delicious dessert.

Dry persimmon fruit

Persimmon can also be dried and later used as a delicious, sweet snack, which can be a great alternative to industrially prepared sweets.

For drying, it is preferable to use persimmons that are soft when ripe, but suitable for drying when they are still firm, but their skin is already orange. Such persimmons are still a bit bitter, but this sensation disappears after drying.

Before drying, cut the persimmon into slices, soak them in the water to which you have previously added the lemon (the lemon is added to prevent them from browning), then spread them out on a tray and leave them to dry. Place the dried slices in a sealed container or bag.

Other uses for persimmon fruit

You can freeze the persimmons by grinding them into a homogeneous mass, adding lemon juice to prevent them from browning, then packing them into portion units and storing them in the freezer for up to half a year.

They can also be made into various jams. Persimmon is not suitable for juicing because of its dietary fiber content, but it can easily be mixed into a smoothie.

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