We’ve all heard of how a plant-based diet is incredibly healthy, but we might not all be aware of how a plant-based diet can help you to make the most of your kitchen.


Keep it simple and enjoy!

We love to cook, and we love animals, so we created this blog to combine these two and show people how they can prepare delicious food, take care of proper nutrition and healthy vegan lifestyle, without harming any animal.

Here you can get answers to all your questions regarding veganism. Our aim is to inform all of you who are thinking about going down the vegan rabbit hole. We’ve been there and we are still alive and kicking.

Before deciding to help others, we used to own a vegan store, which we ended up selling and taking the more relaxed approach to life without all the stress that comes with retail business.

Now we cook fresh and mostly healthy vegan meals that won’t take too much of your precious time. So besides all the informational content, at Vegan Pots you will also find a colorful mix of vegan recipes. We are sure you will find something suitable for you.

Tara feeding sheep
Tara cooking

Spreading the word about plant based diet benefits

Vegan or as we also often call it, plant-based cooking is not only fun, it can also be very healthy. Preparing our recipes you will not just be saving time and having fun, but you will also be doing something good for your body.

We will often tell you a bit about certain nutrients in the recipe, so you understand all the benefits of the specific meal. If you would like to lose weight or feel fitter and more efficient, it can be incredibly motivating to cook healthily and see success.

Even if you regularly workout or otherwise challenge yourself physically, it is important to pay attention to proper nutrition. Also, get to know your body.

Tara Weaver
By Tara Weaver

Grandma’s Recipes

There’s nothing like the grandma’s cooking! Many of our recipes come straight from our grandmothers and have been converted into vegan versions.

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