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Vegan Pots is a place where you can get all your questions regarding veganism answered. We’ve walked the vegan path for more than ten years. We’ve been through all the dilemmas, did a bunch of research regarding vegan nutrition and fitness.

Now we feel the time has come to finally pay it forward and help all of you out there that are stepping into the unknown.

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Browse our vegan recipes database by category. We have clearly arranged what we consider to be the most important categories on this page – from breakfast to desserts. Click on the category that interests you. You can then refine your search in the next step.

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The Easiest Vegan Recipes Ever!

Finger-licking vegan recipes anybody can make in no time!

Cooking with us is easy. We try to keep our lists of ingredients as brief as possible. All the food can be bought in the traditional supermarket.

We are aware it can be quite annoying when you try a new recipe, waste precious time and ingredients and it doesn’t work out. The preparation times given are guidelines, because some people are quicker at peeling and chopping than others. But it’s also a question of how you feel on the day.

About us

We are Tara and Gregory. We’ve been in a relationship for 13 years and are proud parents to a 4 year old girl Lilly. We’ve spent more than a decade learning about vegan nutrition and fitness. We’ve come a long way in this time and we know about ups and downs that one faces after deciding to go down the vegan road.

We wish we had all this information available when we went vegan. That is why we are here – to make things easier for all of you having questions or doubts about veganism.

Tara Weaver
Gregory Knox

Easy vegan recipes anybody can make.

Join us in our mission to make vegan living easier, more accessible, and more delicious.








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